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whose macaron reigns supreme?

French macarons taste testing - for research purposes only! Nope, I'm not indulging myself in this sugary goodness...nope, not at all. See how I gracefully endure the pain and sufferings of wedding planning?

Now, I'm no connoisseur of macarons; but, I probably am. I own a macaron book, I've baked them before (not at all a trivial effort), and have eaten more than my fair share of these delightful color dollars. I guess I'm only a half-connoisseur really, because I have yet to taste the french version. But hopefully, I will soon...on our honeymoon!

So that means I'm all the more pickier about what I want as the replacement of a wedding cake. By the people even like wedding cakes? I am rather turned off by the idea of eating a slice of vanilla sponge wrapped in sweet Play-Doh. Macarons are way cuter to receive and way funner to eat. You also don't end up wasting platefuls of half eaten slices or have a sugar crash afterward. Anyway, and so, I set out to find the perfect macaron.

There are many options here in LA. The top of the list probably sits Paulette. They are a good macaron indeed. But sadly, I just don't fancy their current flavors or color combos. No lemon yellow (discontinued)? No red raspberry? Come on, those are staples in the macaron world.... Most of their flavors are sugary, creamy types. I like both fruity and creamy flavors, but I don't want to be limited to something like vanilla, pistachio, and caramel; or, beige, pale green, and brown colors.

And so, I found another place. This place is cute, and the owner shares my frustrations with the lack of good macaron flavors out there, so much so that she started her own shop. She tends to a more Asian flavor palette, I think, which to me, means more yummy flavors and not so much flavors by sugar content. Hooray!

The shop carries a huuuuge selection of flavors. These are just the few I picked out. It was so hard to choose! The most unusual of these ones I picked was lemongrass. It was a "whoooa, hello!" kind of flavor. I'm keeping the shop name a secret for now. Don't worry--they don't even have a website.

Eric and I made our tastings and judgments. Find out what our verdict is...right after these messages! (Just kidding, right after your reception dinner, suckas.)