our wedding at BOXeight Studio and Neighborhood Church

Photos from our wedding at BOXeight Studio and Neighborhood Church are here!

After sorting through nearly 6,000 photos of the entire weekend, from our official photographer, Paul Von Rieter, friends, and family, we finally have a subset that we can share with the world! (Or, just the few interested...) Sorry, it's still a LOT of photos, so you'll have to scroll a bit--it's so hard to choose! Hey, a little self glorification is okay when it's about your wedding, right...? These photos are from Day 1. Day 2 is all the Chinese-y stuff that I probably won't post.

GET READY. Because this is going to be one looong page.

The majority of photos below are by Paul Von Rieter. Additionally, a handful others are by our friends and family: Brendan, Rachel, and Ben; and myself. Please inquire before taking any images for use (karen -at- thepoopers -dot- com).

Chinese door games in the morning

March 26 on the Chinese calendar
Fortune cookie: "You and your spouse will have a happy life together."

Ceremony at Neighborhood Church

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