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thanks & credits

Maybe a little late, but not forgotten. We're still trying to play catch up with everything post-wedding!

big thanks

Aside from the usual "thank you" cards, we'd like to say some additional words to those who really made a difference.

  • bridesmaids - Rhea, Kimberly, Katherine, Jocelyn, Rachel, Melissa

    Thanks for enduring through all my demands and nitpickiness. Hopefully you walked away with re-wearable yellow dresses and gold shoes!

    Eric: Good job, none of you fell on the way down the aisle. Thanks for traveling into town to be a part of our big day. Rhea - Thanks for taking Karen to the happiest place on earth, Chip 'n Dale's ;). Kimberly - Try to look happy!

  • groomsmen - Anthony, Horace, Brendan, Kalvin, Terrence, Julio, Tony

    Thanks for enduring through all of Eric's demands and nitpickiness. Hopefully you walked away with re-wearable suits and shoes (if you had to buy new ones)!

    Eric: You guys rock. Anthony - Thanks for flying your radiated self here to attend and be my best man. Tony and Julio - Thanks for helping so much with the prep. More chinese wine for you two. Horace - Thanks for driving my stuff back out to downtown after the reception. Brendan - Thanks for putting your structural eng. knowledge to work to get those lights up. Kalvin - Thanks for making a great speech and listened to my bitchin' Sunday night when we packed up. Terrence - Well, let's hope you'll get 'happy' next time =D.

  • thursday preppers - Allen, Tony, Julio, Jocelyn, Rachel, Brendan

    Thanks for being my florists and chefs and day laborers! Tony, I hope your hands are still silky smooth from all that truffle butter whipping. Jocelyn, you win the best florist award. Julio, thanks for those nice 'cans'. ;)

  • friday setuppers - in addition to above - Allen, Melissa Y., Vanessa, Jason, Monica

    Honestly, my morale was pretty low at the beginning of the day, when it didn't look like anything was getting done at BOXeight, through no faults of our own. But when finally things snapped into place and got ready for setup, you guys were all over it and you made the place sparkled! An additional big shoutout to our architect/engineering team (Brendan, Tony, Julio) for slaving away for hours to make the impossible work--the hanging lights in the garden looked magical.

    Eric: Sorry to starve you guys with only tacos and sodas for lunch. Dinner arriving late didn't help matters. Just want to say that without you guys NONE of Saturday night would have happened. I will also echo what K said and appreciate everyone for dealing with our weary demands and general pissed-offness. For those climbing up and down to hang stuff up - Thanks for not suing us for workers comp and/or liability insurance. Big ups!

  • videographer - Alex

    Thanks for your extreme dedication to capturing all the happenings throughout the two long days of our wedding. More than words can explain how valuable these video memories will be for us for many years to come--not only to reminisce, but also so our kids and grandkids can someday laugh at how silly Eric was twirling his hips outside our house singing chinese songs!

    Eric: What K said. Almost kinda creepy to be followed for so long with a camera, hey but seeing the videos afterwards I don't mind! Thanks!

  • DJ - Champ

    It was so great to have you as the sound guru for our event. I loved that I was able to be completely hands-off with the audio and you just took care of everything. That was probably the most stress-free part of the whole thing! Thanks for handling it all through both long days of our wedding; AND, for your patience dealing with that one "douche" during audio troubleshooting that Friday.

  • MCs - (Sat) Rhea & Terrence; (Sun) Helen & Jason

    Thank you for participating in such a vital role to our reception & banquet! You helped shape the event through your voice. You helped set the wonderful vibes that were present in both parties. It couldn't have been anyone else! Thank you.


And credits to the wonderful vendors and services that we worked with.

  • Roselle @ Bobo Hair Mode - Torrance

    This salon has a special place in my heart, because it opened just three days before the wedding AND it has the same name as our Bobo. No, I didn't find the stylist last minute. I was already a client with Roselle before she opened up this salon. She's great! I brought in some sample photos, and she was able to translate the essence of them into a style that would fit me. And the style lasted allll night.

  • Huntington Catering Company - Pasadena

    These guys were pretty flexible to work with, especially considering our venue was a new space for them. All in all, fairly pleasant experience with them throughout the planning process. Allowed us to bring in our own booze & cocktail recipes while they provided the bartenders, and even allowed us to add in our own appetizers (many won't let you). Lots of choices on the food menu; however, I realize now after the fact, that steak is not a good option for a huge dinner unless everyone likes it well-done (doubtful). It's the same deal for all caterers, I'm sure...unless you have Martha Stewart as your caterer.

    However, what I didn't like was their lack of attention to the special demands I had for our reception. Granted, I am an extremely picky and detail oriented person. Most of the staff members probably knew their routines by heart, and didn't take note or account for any special instructions I had communicated with them previously. I specifically requested to use our own truffle butter and omit their herbed butter, but they didn't seem to be aware of it. I specifically asked to have our curry fishballs heated in a chafing dish for self-serve (we even paid for the dish rental), but it ended up being tray-passed. Perhaps they thought it would be better that way, but I disagree and the idea of it being a hongkie dish got lost. There were a few other things, but that's ok.

    What WAS good though was that the service otherwise was very attentive. I particularly liked how Eric and I had our own butler/server. He followed us around carrying our drinks while we hopped around posing for photos. He made sure we ate the hors d'oeuvres. He made sure we got our desserts and entrees right, even though we never had time to eat them. He made sure our glasses were always full.

    I also appreciated the fact that they were communicative and flexible about their setup procedures. They were willing to set up the day before the reception (big bonus). Also, there weren't any language barriers, as one could sometimes expect with some party rental services.

  • Paul Von Rieter (wedding photographer)

    Paul was like our shadow at the wedding! That's because he's good. I know he's good, but I can't really prove he's good until we get our photos back, which will hopefully only be in a few more weeks. ;)

  • Claudia @ One Darling Day (day-of coordinator) - Pasadena

    I don't know what I'd do without Claudia. She helped us catch all the planning details that we wouldn't have otherwise even thought about. Music for the garter toss? Oh yeah.... She was attentive and helpful throughout much of the planning process during the last couple months. She wasn't just a day-of coordinator! She was always accessible by phone or email, and really kept us on tabs with every little detail. She spent a lot of time helping to set up and coordinate the day before, and kept everything running smoothly during the day of.

  • Lou @ Side Door (bar/restaurant) - Manhattan Beach

    Lou was extremely kind to have come out that night to sing and entertain us for our open "rehearsal dinner". Not only is he the owner of the place, he is also a great Frank Sinatra singer! He had a major audition the next day for a tv show, so I hope it worked out well for him! The only thing sucky was that it took a long time for people to get their food that night. Apparently there was another party going on upstairs using the same kitchen. But otherwise it was good fun!

  • Ken Curtiss (MG-T car rental)

    Not many people saw the car, I think. But it's hot. And hopefully the photos of it will also come out hot! Ken was nice to allow us to rent his car for a little bit so we could take some vanity shots of us, the couple, in the car. So glad it didn't rain!

  • Twelve Centimeter (cake & macarons) - Koreatown, Los Angeles

    This place roxors. They make so many different good flavors of macarons. And the cake turned out delicious, even though I normally don't go for wedding cakes! I'd go there sooo often if it was closer to me.

  • BOXeight Studio (venue) - Downtown Los Angeles

    Where do I begin.... I think this topic actually deserves its own separate post. Which I will have to write later, if I even remember....