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it's all in the details

Holy cow, 82 days!!! Finally, after many days of drawing, printing, cutting, and gluing papers, and watching TV whilst doing aforementioned, the invitations are done and mailed! It was quite a project, whether or not it looks like it. I got so sick of doing it towards the end I wanted to cry; plus, I ran out of good movies to watch on netflix. But, I'm pretty happy with the end result, through it all. It made use of a variety of techniques and tools I own. It looks handmade, but not tacky (I hope), and feels substantial (the 88c postage agrees). Unfortunately, it was an endless downpour during that whole week we were finishing them, and it was the holidays, so we ended up mailing them out a bit late. So, sorry for the short RSVP deadline to anyone reading! I took a lot of photos of the epic process, so I can look back at them later and laugh at myself for the torture I made Eric and myself endure. The cutout and printed designs were all drawn in Illustrator first as individual layers. The cutouts were cut with a machine called the Silhouette. It's basically like a printer with a blade instead of an ink head. I love it and can't think of enough uses for it. The four layers of clouds were in translucent vellum.

The red balloons were printed first with a dark gradient around the circumference, and then cut out.

The baskets were printed, and then cut.

All the cuttings!

Preparing the sun background on the Gocco.

Balloons with string attached with double sided tape.

Prototype. All the pieces were assembled and glued one at a time. Eric got to be pretty good at this.

This is my favorite element of the invitation. Beautiful letterpress papers made of 100% cotton! We totally splurged on this. Originally, I wanted to letterpress the invitations, but decided against it for cost and time purposes. I still decided to use these papers though, because they are so luscious and just...plain gorgeous. I don't know if anyone really notices or appreciates it, but I just love it so much I want to sleep on it. I bet they are quite next time you run out of toilet paper...

They came in huge sheets. They were cut into smaller pieces with a good ol' xacto knife and a ruler.

Chopsticks help keep my fingers clean while printing and eating hot cheetos.

I love Gocco's gold ink. It's so pretty!

Our living room was an explosion of paper and inks.

The RSVP and directions cards were printed on a regular laser printer. Much easier and cheaper than Goccoing!

My second favorite element is the envelopes, in the same line of cotton papers, but in off-white. I wrote out the addresses in india ink and a dip pen. Nothing compares with the dense richness of india ink. I love india ink so much. Writings in it will last forever, nothing like crappy Sharpie. I ought to start writing more letters and everything with it.