getting there

Before we begin...

[by Paul Von Rieter,]

BAM! Thanks, Paul, for shooting our engagement photos! It was a fun day last Sunday when we met our wedding photographer and drove around the boonies of socal to once again get our vanities captured. I know, I know, we already had photos taken in Japan. But turns out an engagement session was part of the package when we booked Paul to shoot the wedding. :D So...who's to complain about that?

Paul took us to a NEVER-BEFORE-SHOT location--an abandoned carnival junkyard. All the o.g. rides at our disposal! Those twirly things, those swing things, those car things. Yum. We also got to ride in a Hummer for the first time. Imagine us little asian kids in that. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

Thing have been busy on my end (as usual). I've been shopping like a maniacal shopaholic, trying to fill in the gaps of all the things we're still missing. Mostly decorish things. Which are important. I'm also really pushing on the making of things. Because man, there's 60 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a sneak peak of a making thing. It's hard keeping everything secret.... Goody bags!

I got the latch idea from eating too many boxes of Pocky type snacks. The Japanese are so smart at product design.

I love the brown bags. I'm really picky about materials, especially with containers and paper type products. These bags are awesome. Also, they remind me of curry fishballs. In Hong Kong when you order curry fishballs from the streets, they would stuff them in striped paper bags like these.

Mmm, I crave curry fishballs now....