february is a short month

I thought we'd have another day or two before the one month mark...I forgot February is a short month. Holy cow - 30 days!!!

It's funny because I always think of the wedding as something in the future. Eric is always counting down: 9 months, half a year, 3 months, 45 days, one month! It's not so much in the future now...!

I'm more anxious and stressed out than I am nervous. All these little detailed decisions can't be delayed any longer and have to be made NOW. Linen colors? Head count? Rosemary vs thyme? Stripes or lace? Red or white?! Lime or lemon?!?! Virgins or non-virgins (drinks! you perv)?!?! Bouquet/garter toss before or after the first dance?!?!?!?!!!!

*head asplodes*

How about the big stuff...

  • Wedding party gifts - almost check!

  • Centerpieces - half check!
  • Fancy table number decor things - 1/4 check!
  • Many other things - partial check!

Wow, we have a lot to do...