The theme for the wedding is coming together. It took a long time for the vision to...visualize, but I feel confident and happy about the direction we're going.

I'm currently making a set of lighted letters that are like carnival sign letters, like those metal letters with all the lightbulbs visible inside. There is a place that makes them, but I ain't gonna pay anybody $250 for each letter. So I went el cheapo and started making them out of foam board and eye-blindingly bright neon posterboard.

The goal is to have E and K. I've only got an E so far. I don't really like the lightbulbs because they're plasticky and the LEDs are too blue. But overall, I guess it looks pretty okay.

Posterboard + hotglue + neon posterboard:

LED string lights:

A little acrylic paint and "textured metal finish" spray paint later:

Kind of hard to see in the picture. But I definitely need some better bulbs for that...and clean it up more so it doesn't look quite so cheapo.