weekly disasters

Why is our bathroom so high upkeep? The other day the root drain was all clogged up and everything backed up in our bathroom. No bathroom for the night once again. Sigh. At least we are close to fixing it up, floors are almost laid!

Something left me in a very angry mood this week. Someone cut off my biggest giant sunflower from our side yard. How dare they!!! Are you kidding me??? WHO did this? I spent the last 3-4 months growing these. Now I get to enjoy the sight and am waiting to harvest their seeds, and someone just comes over and chops one off like it's nobody's business. Double U TEE EFF!

It's so incredibly rude, and illegal. I don't have any real leads, but my neighbor suspects it's one of the guys across from us. I also heard from other sources those same people are rednecks. Please, people! We live in socal--get open-minded!

It's not even because it's my flower. But because it's our property. On our land. Whoever it is, they have no right to trespass it and take from it. I am very, very angry.

"Whyyyy??? Who did this to my brethren???? WHY????"