unexpected vintage find

There was an estate sale in our neighborhood the other day, and amongst other things, this is what we discovered and eventually bought for cinco dineros.

And a closeup:

The back looks like this. Tons of mechanical and electrical parts: (Notce the Solo cup catching the balls that fall through the gutter... for now)

$5! With it came with nine pachinko balls and one fearless insect thingy. Turns out this is a Nishijin Sophia "Model B" pachinko machine that was fairly popular in Japan in the mid 60s:

The mechanical parts seem to all work but as the transformer is missing, we can only get a feel of how it might light up and move from this youtube video., I'll have to use some of my engineering skills to fix this baby up. I guess I can just cheat and rig one of these off-the-shelf products, but what would be the fun?