a sunday

My accomplishment for this Sunday is making a plain little wood crate for our entryway. Total cost is about ten bucks. But I still have to stain it and add some inner shelves to it for holding shuz. My inspiration for this came from Pottery Barn's new "printers" theme. Some of the stuff is nice, rustic yet clean, but very expensive.

On another note, The Poopers finished our last ceramics class, sadly. We only have in our hands some measly first projects that weren't even thrown on the wheel. The other projects are still being fired. I hope we get our stuff back soon. The worst thing about adult classes is that their pace is sooooooooooo slooooooooow. My mind is racing at 100mph while the teachers are teaching at 5mph. That's what I get for cheap classes, I guess. I need to go back to college or some fancy studio for these extracurricular things. These are the two hand molded pieces I did on my first day. I actually like the acorn shroom pot quite a bit. I could probably keep some herbs in it.

And lately we've been cashing in on our tomato crops! We've only got red ones so far, I'm still waiting for the other colors, if they'll even grow before it gets cold. The momotaro japanese tomatoes are the sweetest tomatoes I've ever eaten.

And sunflower seeds!