renewing an old cart

In the house of The Poopers, there's always plenty of booze, but no good storage space. Fear no more! One of my finds at Rose Bowl flea market this last time was this old metal cart that I snagged for twenty bucks. It was white with a lot of rust showing through, but overall still very sturdy and rolls okay. So I sanded off most of the nastiness and recoated it with some shiny true blue paint. I added a wood board to the top tray that's been modpodged with matching italian paper and sealed with clearcoat. I love italian patterned papers. The bottom tray has a coat of shiny gold paint. Not too bad, yeah? I guess we don't really have that much booze left now


Before, the top tray.

Before, the rest of the cart. We also picked up this old monster mechanical calculator and an old soda carton from the same visit to Rose Bowl.

Just showing off these adorable Totoro spoons from Japan.