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re-upholstering a midcentury chair

This mid-century chair was long overdue for a little upholstery work. We got this chair pretty much right when we moved into the house, and it was left as-is the whole time. There wasn't actually anything wrong with it, but I was not a fan of that super prickly forest green wool and the ass-pokey box springs. Part of why it took so long to revamp was that I couldn't decide what fabric to use. And then I thought: why not leather?!?! We had always dreamed of having a nice leather armchair, but it would just take too much space, so this could be a good compromise.

Well, of course the thing with leather is, it's crazy expensive. Getting hides for that big of a seat would cost a fortune. I've been on this leather high lately, so I decided the next best thing would be to go for the faux. So a reluctant trip to Joann's later, I have two yards of this rather realistic and soft vinyl, two long zippers, fiberfill, and some black leather-like buttons. This set me back about fiddy bucks, not terrible. Although next time I would visit the discount shop instead.

Before: As you can see, it really was in pretty good condition already.



I used the faux leather to create a new set of covers that went over the existing cushions. I added fiberfill to the sides and the top surfaces to create more cushiness. I won't make a tutorial on sewing the covers, because there's a ton of them online. But they're really easy: here's one.

For the tucks, I just sewed some embroidery thread through the front and back of the cushion, using a long needle and big knots. Then, I simply hotglued the buttons on top of them. You would never be able to tell they were glued if I didn't tell you. So don't tell, okay?

I'm pretty happy with the end result. I can actually sit on it now and maybe even read a book! Like that cheesy "C++ for You++" textbook from my high school years still sitting proudly on the shelf....

Our interior is starting to come together a bit better. It was looking pretty hacky and unsettled for the whole first year we lived here. Our exterior is going through a big revamp too, but that's for another post to talk about. Life is busy!