quickie project: chalkboarded tea cans

My fingers were complaining that I've been doing too much code-typing and not enough fun-crafting lately. So here's a quickie project to appease them over-caffeinated fingers.

If you're anything like us Poopers, you've got stashes and stashes of empty metal cans lying around from all the teas we (or just I) consumed. All shapes and sizes. Some dirty, some rusty, some sharpie-vandalized with new scribbles. What better way to reorganize than to paint them all with chalkboard paint! Now I can refill the renovated cans with more tea or other foodie goodies.

Easy peasy. If you do it too, just make sure to leave the top part of the can unpainted. Otherwise, the lid will keep scratching it off when you're putting the lid on and off. You wouldn't want paint chips mixed in with your tea leaves!