office cleaning

I cleaned my room/office/studio the other day. It felt like I had stuff exploding from every corner of the room.

I decided to separate my computer from the eight-foot long "main" desk. I'm trying to reduce my reliance on the computer nowdays, and put more focus into using my hands for making things. I don't need so much space for typing and mousing around. During cleaning, I threw away so much old stuff--old papers, bills, toys--it felt like throwing away pieces of my past. It's just impossible to keep accumulating stuff. I have this huge packrat mentality inherited from my Chinese family, but I fight it pretty hard. So out with the old, in with the new.

So much more space!


Tool wall, mostly for metalsmithing. I sure love scissors.


Equipment, more tools, supplies


An itty bitty desk. Look at all the cables, or lack thereof! I am proud of that.
Yes I have two tiny 19-inch monitors, which I actually prefer. But not sure if this screen separation is going to work--a lot of neck turning required....


Papers, leather hides, and camera equipment