a little modpodge and patience

I have this set of Portuguese tile patterns that I adore. A while ago, I was looking into more ways to use them, so I decided to make a headboard for our bed with one of the patterns. For years we went without headboards, so I guess it's time to stop feeling like we're sleeping on a plain mattress like college students still.

The patterns come as image files, so I printed many copies of one of my favorite ones. Then I decoupaged them (glueing and sealing them, essentially) with Mod Podge and clearcoat onto blank white tiles. Many late night movies later while Eric was away on a work trip, all the tiles were ready for grouting onto the back board.

Man, it was heavy. I had to grout while in the bedroom so I could move it around, without making a big mess. I guess the results turned out pretty okay. Tiles are not only used in bathrooms in many countries, but for building exteriors, for decoration, etc. So I don't personally think it too weird to have tiles in a bedroom. The only weirdness is the positioning of our bed and furniture in the middle of the room. We have some balance issues to sort out.