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karen's studio

At first, I had all these visions of what I wanted my workroom to look like. From french chic to vintage industrial, I wanted it to be stylish and like it's straight up from a magazine (or Anthro). But after much, much pondering, I decided that for right now, I should just focus on practicality. My workspace is very important to me, it has to be functional. I have so many tools and so much supplies that things have to be accessible and organized, so that is the first priority. It is not priority to make the space minimalistic and decor'ed out. Also right now, I have neither time nor budget to go fight for vintage goods at flea markets. You would think things are affordable at flea markets, but it's quite the contrary, I kid you not.

Ikea has unfortunately become a best friend of mine. But I try my best to make the most of it anyway. While the space is sort of busy looking, I am satisfied enough because my stuff has a place and it's still organized.

A super cheap Ikea hack. BYGEL rails at $1.99 each make great paper hangers. My precious papers are finally organized! My one gripe is that they are slightly shorter than my paper widths, so the paper is slightly jammed in there. There is a longer rail that would work even better if space allowed. I love that lamp in the picture - a flea market find! I've talked about the ceiling light and the cabinet and the bench on previous posts.

The shelf is the BRODER garage shelving system. It's affordable and so great. It's really sturdy and supports a lot of weight. I stained the pine shelves with an oil stain to make it look more antique-y. I have two sets of those in the room and they're doing a great job housing a good portion my stuff.

I also love my World Market shower curtains as window curtains.

[image from]

The best part for me is that I finally have a way to organize my fabrics and spools of ribbon and tape. Before they were all just stuffed in boxes and drawers, now they're nicely hanging in the closet.

At some point, I still plan to explore into a complete room design. But for a couple hundred bucks, this will certainly do for now!