grille me


Oh why, hello. You are gorgeous. Why aren't you showing up in people's diy projects? I can't seem to find you on any artsy blogs! You need to turn famous.

I can't believe these floor registers/grilles are not used more often. Ever since I saw some big sheet metal grilles at the ol' hardware store a while back, I haven't been able to get them off my mind. When I went searching for them online just now, I found these petite versions instead at

A-ma-zing. How can they not be all over the place already?

I wonder what I can do with them. I haven't thought that far into it yet. A filter for a piggy bank coin drop? Some small doors for a key cabinet? A soap dish? There are many possibilities!

Originally, I was thinking about using the large sheet grilles as lamp shades to cover up our outdated hall ceiling lights. However, they seem to be a little hard to find... The search continues!