estate sales = gold...or amber rather

Estate sales are fun. Especially when the estates belong to well-off families who care for nothing but to get rid of all their old designy junk, which may be "vintage" treasures to others. It's also the way to go when you ain't got the dough to keep shopping at high-end flea markets (unfortunately, that is not an oxymoron).

The other week this old guy had a mess of an estate sale. All kinds of dust-covered and buggy wares from pachinko machines to old tools, to a spankingly beautiful set of Vision Corning cookware.

This huge set of vintage amber glass pots and pans and plates was covered in dust and webs and bugs and bug eggs. But it takes courage to catch a good deal. All for FIVE DOLLARS! Five dollars and a few hours cleaning them and sanitizing them back home.

Vision Corning Ware were initially made in France in the 1970s, then later in the USA. This set is a combination of both. I was ecstatic. They match my set of amber ice cream cups and mini teacups~! I've been making soup and curries and stirfries with these babies. They're one of the few glasswares that can withstand both stovetop and ovenbaking. Certainly beats the IKEA pots we've been using all this time in practicality AND price.

Sample picture, there's many more pieces than this:

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