the center of the universe

Dinner with my hubby and me is an important part of our every day. So it's all the more important to do it in a charming and comfortable environment.

Our dining room hasn't changed a whole lot over time, it just gets more or less messy depending on the state of things. We have a tendency to store junk in the dining area. This is probably one of its better days.

That bar cart purchase from the flea market a few years back was oh so worth it. We keep it well stocked! We repainted the shutters to the poppy orange. It makes the space look so much happier and modern.

We have a "contemporary" style table that I refuse to give up on. I've had it for a good few years and it's rare to find affordable all-wood furniture nowadays. So to make it fit to our style a little better (whatever that style is), I layered it with some lacey looking vinyl as a table runner, and some rustic wood placemats from Crate and Barrel. Now the look is a little more down-to-earth and less boring contemporary.

To this day, we're still sitting on stools as dining chairs. What's up with that? We're too picky to find the right chairs at the right price, I guess.