bathroom upgrade fun part II

The bathroom at the House of Poopers is getting a lot of attention lately. I mean, just look at how it looked when we first moved in:

Tasty, romantic pink. Ugh. Since then, we added a proper bathroom fan. We also got tired of the old medicine cabinet and replaced it with a proper IKEA (TM) mirror, and painted the room a deep red. It's great to walk in half-asleep in the morning, totally gives you that "Who the heck was drunk enough to do this paintjob last night" kinda feel.

We knew we wanted to do a major bathroom upgrade in a couple of years, but meanwhile we added some brown and white mosaics to add a nice accent to the room. Karen's getting pretty handy with this grouting job by now.

Now if we can actually get around to install the new vinyl flooring before summer ends, then there needs to be some self-patting on the backs.