bathroom upgrade fun part I

Of all the rooms in the house, we have decided that the bathroom will receive an upgrade last. We need to save up enough money to do a complete overhaul:

Get rid of shower and make bathtub a bath/shower combo
Add second bathroom sink
Put in Vessel sinks
Move toilet to the other side where shower is now
(Much needed) aesthetic improvements

But while we do that, some minimal re-do needs to be done as Karen and I are both tired of how the granny bathroom looks right now. Here's what we're doing:

Add bathroom fan to replace ancient overhead heater (yep, there wasn't a fan before)
Put in new vinyl flooring
Add some mosaic details (we are both suckers for mosaics)

In the attic, I realized why the house feels like a fridge at night: virtually no insulation...

So the existing cotton stuff ain't gonna do it, I will slowly add more fiberglass liner (details to follow in the future) We cut a hole through the stucco on the side of the house and installed a vent that will be connected to the fan, and sealed the outside cover with some exterior chalk. Inside, we gutted the ancient heater (at least $5 in scrap metal) and put in a new one from home depot:

View from bottom with band-aids all around to seal the gap between the old heater hole and the new fan opening. This turns out to be much harder job than thought, as the ceiling is made of drywall with chicken wire in it for reinforcement. This stuff cuts your hand into shreds if you aren't careful. While it is work in progress, it is being covered by a large trash bag taped to the ceiling. It's beautiful.

More on bathroom upgrade fun next time.