Mr. Pooper does Keller-style

Although Thanksgiving is finally over, the gluttony was not over yet today! Mr. Pooper offered to cook a post-Thanksgiving meal for just the two of us. *gasp* And of course being him, he couldn't just pick any recipe... He decided to cook Thomas Keller's "Sea bass with sweet parsnips, arrowleaf spinach, and saffron-vanilla sauce," from The French Laundry Cookbook. I have no complaints.

After waking up super early and entertaining the family all day today, I was totally exhausted by evening time. So I was passed out on the couch the entire time Mr. Pooper was cooking. I even had dreams about the mystery meal, even though in my dream it wasn't even the same dish. It was kind of weird.

Mais là, c'est le plat. I could get used to this!

As anyone who's tried a Thomas Keller recipe before will know, his dishes are no simple feats. They only take like a thousand steps too cook and have very specific techniques and ingredients... But the end results are usual quite worth it, as was this dish, I think. I guess I wouldn't know, I slept through the cooking. :)

Earlier in the day, our families went to Bottega Louie in Downtown LA for brunch. I think it was a perfect place to go for folks like us—lively but not too loud; plenty of other Asians there as well so our Chinese parents wouldn't feel out of place; and, it's fancy and modern enough without getting overpricey. I enjoy their service because they don't get all snobby on you when you bring in your big Chinesey family.

I had the lobster hash. Pretty good chunks of lobsters, although my poached eggs were more overcooked than the others'.